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    Hello, first post here but third trip to TSP…..   I am planning to set up on the west side of the upper field this year, having been on the middle field the last two times I attended..  I see the Google Earth image clearly showing a line around the observing field.  Inside that line – no cars.  I get that.   Along that west side, outside the line, I see  a good number of Trailers for storage/imaging rooms.  I was hoping to park my car exactly where those trailers are – not on the observing field.  My car (Chrysler 200) is smaller than many of those trailers so it shouldn’t be a problem, should it?  I need it to store my eyepiece case, accessories case and camera case rather than having to carry these three items all the way back and forth from my bunk – Angel’s Rest – near the pool/corral.  I’m a star party veteran and know very well about having full control of the lights of the car – covered with red or off entirely….If I can’t park it there, where is a place relatively close to the Upper field?I do have a small tent (not sure it will even fit in my car for the trip to TX) but its footprint is pretty much the same area as my car and it will cost me $15 (?) extra?   Do the trailer folks also pay an extra fee?thanks for your assistance.Dave Cotterell, Toronto



    As for parking your car in the tent area and using it for storage, you can park it in the tent area. However, once it is parked it cannot be moved until you are ready to leave TSP. These are the rules. There is no charge since you are staying on the Ranch.

    As an alternative, you can park your vehicle “up the berm” from the observing field on the side of the road in front of the cabins. Looking at our upper field observing field map, there are several vehicles there, one appears to be a red truck. From here, you may move your vehicle during the day.

    Steve & Amelia

    TSP Housing Committee


    Thanks for the clarification.  That road ‘up on the berm’ is close enough for me. Thanks for the quick response.Dave

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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