New!  See a list of who is here and where their scope is located!

  • You will be able to let others know your scope location, using an ID tag from the power box that you plug into, or that is nearby your scope. 
  • TSP has power cords in the observing fields, with box outlets every 7-10 feet apart.
  • Each of these boxes has an ID Tag that identifies its location along the power line. (example:  A-1   A-2   A-3   A-4… )
  • You can see maps of the power lines for each of the observing fields (click on a field name below to see map):
  • Add/update YOUR scope location below, and see the List!
  • Selling something and want a buyer to find you? Help the judges find your ATM entry?  Want to let a friend where to find you in the dark?
  • Look for your nearest Map-My-Scope tag (even if you are not plugged into it)!

[tsp embed=”scope-locations”]