Don Selle has been an amateur astronomer and member of the Houston Astronomical Society since 2003 and a regular attendee at TSP since 2004, the same year he began in astrophotography. Don has served as an officer and director of HAS since 2009 and was President in 2018-19.




His astrophotography experience includes the use of both CCD and DSLR cameras, and OTAs spanning the range from a 66mm refractor to a 12 inch RC.  Don started early on combining CCD luminance images with DSLR color to maximize the limited amount of “quality” time under dark skies.

In the past several years he has branched out into shooting Nightscapes. The common factor in all of his astrophotography is the use of Photoshop to assemble and process his finished images.


Don will be an instructor for:

Photoshop: OSC Processing
Photoshop: LRGB Processing & Tips and Tricks