TSP 2023

Texas Star Party, Inc. will follow Covid-19 Guidelines and Protocols as published by CDC and Federal, State and local governments. Please be advised, by YOUR submitting your “REGISTRATION” to attend TSP 2023, you are aware that large public events can expose you and those in your family to Covid-19 virus. This can occur while traveling to TSP, during and when traveling home. You assume all risks associated with attending TSP 2023.

You will be required at the Front Gate of the ranch while you are having your TSP 2023 Registration confirmed, to sign TSP’s Waiver-Liability-Indemnity release to hold Texas Star Party, Inc. its Directors, Officers and Volunteer Staff harmless if you and/or a family member contracts a Covid-19 infection. This will be an updated document to reflect current landscape regarding Covid-19.
TSP Management

TSP does not require its attendees, staff, management. etc to be vaccinated for Covid-19. Not does TSP require you to show a negative mPCR test result to attend our star party.


Our intention is to have TSP 2023 if it is reasonably possible to do so.  In order to minimize risk to those attending, TSP will:

    •  NOT Require all Attendee, Volunteers and Staff to be Vaccinated and NOT PROVIDE AN UPLOAD OPTION TO show proof of Vaccinations AS A SUBSTITUTE TO A NEGATIVE mPCR TEST.
    • WILL NOT REQUIRE THE Wearing of Face Masks and social distancing is recommended, but not required.
    • All observing fields and within 50 feet of each field’s boundary are now Non Smoking. This includes Cigar, Pipe, Cigarettes and all Electronic/Vaping Cigarettes.
    • TSP requests that each attendee behave in a responsible manner that is respectful of the choices other attendees have made it regards to Covid-19.