Coronavirus Rules and Guidlines for TSP 2022





May 14 to May 22, 2023

New! TSP 2023 is ON!

This Page is being updated for the Covid-19 Protocols that will be in place for TSP 2023. Please return later in October for more current information specific to TSP 2023. Thank you. TSP Management

But with that being said.

Texas Star Party, Inc. will follow Covid-19 Guidelines and Protocols as published by CDC and Federal, State and local governments. Please be advised you, by submitting your application to attend TSP 2023, are aware that large public events can expose you and those in your family to Covid-19 virus. This can occur enroute, during and when traveling home. You assume all risks associated with attending TSP 2023 and Covid-19. You will be required to sign liability releases to hold Texas Star Party, Inc. its Directors, Officers and Volunteer Staff harmless if you and/or a family member contracts a Covid-19 infection. TSP Management

All of us are worried about the impact of the Coronavirus on TSP 2023.

Our intention is to have TSP 2023 if it is reasonably possible to do so.  In order to minimize risk to those attending, TSP will:

    • Require all Attendee, Volunteers and Staff to be Vaccinated and show proof of Vaccinations by uploading the CDC Covid19 Vaccination Card at time of submitting Reservation and Housing Request.  You must upload your Covid19 CDC Vaccination Card before the system will allow you to submit your request.
    • Everyone will have to be vaccinated for Covid-19 with current vaccinations.
    • Each person applying to attend TSP 2023 and to participate in the Random Housing Drawing will have to upload their CDC or equivalent for their country Proof of Covid-19 Vaccinations Card.

This is a requirement for the application to be submitted.

    • Wearing of Face Masks and social distancing is recommended, but not required.
    • All observing fields and within 50 feet of each field’s boundary are now Non Smoking. This includes Cigar, Pipe, Cigarettes and all Electronic/Vaping Cigarettes.

More information on TSP 2023 Covid-19 Rules and Protocols to follow later this month.

The information below is for historical information only.

All of us are worried about the impact of the Coronavirus on TSP 2021.

It is our assumption that there will be a mix of people who have never had COVID-19, AND people who have previously had COVID-19 (with or without symptoms). It may be that antibody tests will be available that will allow you to determine your status.

Our intention is to have TSP 202 if it is reasonably possible to do so.  In order to minimize risk to those attending, TSP will:

      • Discourage at-risk persons to not attend, or isolate
      • Encourage and/or require social distancing and face coverings
      • Limit attendance to 300 persons, mostly onsite. 
        • Tent-campers would be limited to 50 persons
        • A small number of (local area) people staying off-site
      • No scheduled indoor meetings (Meeting Hall or Vendors) other than meals
        • Meeting Hall used for expanded meal seating capacity, in addition to the Dining Room
      • Registration only in advance by online payment via internet
      • Prude Ranch will implement appropriate procedures for staff on social distancing, food handling and sanitization of the ranch facilities.

      • Meals – our goal: shorter lines, less congestion indoors, no serving by attendees
        • Staggered meal serving times (exceptions allowed)

          • Last names A-J First half
          • Last names K-Z Second half
        • Meals will be served by Ranch staff (no-touch by attendees)
          • Also pick up your boxed salad, drink and dessert
        • Seating will include tables in both the Dining Hall and nearby Meeting Hall.
        • You can also take your meal to your room/campsite
        • We will try to have a volunteer to help screen people for fever, using an IR Body Temperature scanner. (Volunteer here).
      • Prude Ranch will provide hand-sanitizer stations throughout the Ranch.

Who can (or cannot) attend TSP?
Our objective is to not bring people into the area whom are most at-risk of getting sick and risk burdening the area hospitals and community

      • If you attend TSP, you do so at your own risk of exposure and catching the Coronavirus
        • We encourage you to be vaccinated before TSP, if available
      • We ask that you DO NOT attend TSP:
        • If you are over the age of 65 and not healthy/fit (can you walk/hike 1 mile?)
        • If you are ANY AGE and have an at-risk condition for infection or respiratory problems such as:
          • Cancer (currently have)
          • Chronic kidney disease
          • COPD (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis) or have smoker’s cough
          • Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathies
          • Immunocompromised state (weakened immune system) from solid organ transplant
          • Pregnancy
          • Severe Obesity (body mass index [BMI] >40)
          • Sickle cell disease
          • Type 2 diabetes mellitus
        • If you or a member of your family has tested positive for COVID-19 virus after April 17, 2021
        • If you have been exposed (after April 17) to any person who has tested positive
        • If you develop COVID-19 signs at any time after April 17, before arriving at TSP:
          • Fever
          • Cough
          • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
          • Get urgent medical care:
            • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
            • New confusion or inability to arouse
            • Bluish lips or face
          • above symptom(s) may appear 2-14 days after exposure
        • If your children are not well-disciplined in using masks and social-distancing, then do NOT bring them to TSP!
        • Read the CDC COVID-19 People at Increased Risk guidelines for more information

As a TSP attendee, what should I be doing?

      • Wear a facial cover/mask
        • REQUIRED at all times in public buildings, the pool, and in/near the showers
        • Outdoors: Masks are suggested but optional
      • Maintain social distancing (at least 6 feet)
        • REQUIRED at all times in public buildings, the pool, and in/near the showers, and in all outdoor social situations
          • especially in any “lines”
        • Set up your telescope(s) at least 15′ away from neighboring telescopes

Be sure to read more about the TSP Coronavirus Rules/Guidance.




There may be factors beyond our control that might cause us to cancel TSP.
These may include a significantly high number of active cases in Texas,
a mandatory local or State ban on large gatherings directly affecting our event, and
Prude Ranch inability to provide meals/housing (supply chain problems).