Covid-19 Protocols, Front Gate Registration Check in, and Guidelines for TSP 2023


Covid-19 Safety and health-mitigation Protocols
We are all adults and if we practice safe techniques while you are traveling, during and from TSP 2023, you will minimize your risk to catching Covid-19 or any respiratory illness.

But to cover our bases and to address concerns about Covid-19 and by working together, TSP will provide you with the safest environment possible.

Please read the following information to inform you and your family, if applicable, to the procedures and methods we are asking you to follow and observe. Your health and safety as well as for all of our volunteers who work very hard to host this star party, is our prime concern. We are not desiring to be controlling but our decisions to develop these protocols are intended to prevent just 1 person from catching Covid-19. And because each of you are our dear friends and loved ones, we want to protect you as best we can.

Please help us make  TSP 2023 a safe and healthy event.

Thank you!
TSP Management

TSP Mitigation Protocols, Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures

  • TSP management does not require that you are vaccinated, and we do not require that you provide proof of being vaccinated.
  • TSP also does not require you to get tested for Covid-19.
  • You do not have to present a negative mPCR test result.
  • TSP understands and respects the position that many have chosen “to not get vaccinated”.
  • Practicing CDC recommended Protocols all the time while on the Ranch and off the Ranch will help to mitigate a possible Covid-19 exposure and infection.
  • By submitting your Registration Form to attend TSP 2023, you assume all the risks and the responsibility for your health and safety while attending TSP 2023 as well as for any minors attending with you.

How to enter the Prude Ranch and Attend TSP 2023

1. Everyone attending must be registered, processed and assigned housing by TSP Housing staff to enter the Ranch.

2. TSP attendees are not required to get tested for a possible Covid-19 and do not need to present a negative mPCR test result.

3. Agree to and sign Covid-19 Waiver/General Liability Release Document, when you register and again at the Front Gate during Registration Check in.  To speed up your going through our Registration Check in , you can print the Covid-19 Waiver/General Liability Release document, sign it and hand it to a TSP Front Gate Representative.
4. You will be required to provide current State issued and/or college issued: Photo ID to confirm your Registration for TSP 2023.
5. Upon Confirmation of Registration, you will be issued a TSP 2023 Event Wristband and Windshield Gate Pass Tag.

  • You must wear your TSP 2023 Wristband at all times during TSP 2023 on your wrist.
  • Do not try to take it off, you will damage the wristband.
  • Anyone with a damaged wristband must return to the Front Gate and exchange their damaged wristband for a new wristband.
  • If you do not have your wristband, your registration will have to be confirmed and a new wristband issued and a possible $50 fee charged.
  • Anyone found wearing a wristband that was not issued to them (we record the wristband serial number alongside your names, will be escorted off the Prude Ranch and they will be banned from attending TSP Star Parties for 2 years or permanently.

6. Congratulations! You are an official TSP 2023 Attendee

What not to do!

  • Please do not enter the Ranch if a member of the Front Gate team is not present to process your admission to the Ranch and TSP 2023.
  • Please do not enter the Ranch if you have not been processed by the TSP Front Gate team.
  • Individuals without a TSP wristband will be asked to leave.
  • Do not give your wristband to someone else.
  • The wristbands are numbered and we record the number next to your name.
  • Individuals without a TSP wristband will be asked to leave.
  • Do not take your wristband off your wrist.
  • Do not take it off and hang it from your belt. You will be escorted to the Front Gate to get a new wristband or escorted off the ranch completely.

We do not want TSP 2023 to become a “super spreader” event.

  • TSP is committed to doing its part to make the star party as safe and enjoyable as possible.
  • For your health and safety, TSP management encourages full vaccination prior to traveling to the Ranch,
  • Everyone should be aware of the risks inherent in any large gathering of people that are traveling from diverse areas which may or may not be experiencing community spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Attendees are cautioned that medical services at the Prude Ranch are virtually non-existent.
  • Medical facilities located in surrounding towns may not be able to treat COVID-19 cases, preexisting conditions aggravated by the virus, or even a serious injury.
  • The location of the closest major hospital is Odessa, TX, approximately 150 miles from the Ranch. This is remote West Texas.

It is impossible to know much less predict what the status of the Covid-19 virus pandemic will be months into the future.

  • The state of the public health is is constant flux. What transpires  between the date of your registration and TSP 2023 are unknowns.
  • TSP management is monitoring the changing environment of the virus itself as well as changes to CDC protocols, executive orders and laws as they affect and impact TSP 2023.
  • TSP management will comply and implement whatever changes are appropriate to have a healthy and safe TSP 2023.

As a result, our guidelines and protocols may change. TSP has implemented and will enforce the following  protocols policies and procedures that are in  accordance with CDC guidelines, Federal, Texas State and local laws in effect during TSP 2023.

These protocols include:


  • All attendees will submit to random non-invasive temperature checks on request. Any attendee who registers a temperature greater than 101° will be quarantined immediately and may be required to depart from the event promptly without refunds or credits from TSP or the Ranch.
  • Wearing of face masks will be based on CDC protocols in place at the time of TSP 2023.
  • Attendees should practice social distancing when ever possible.
  • Use of hand sanitizing stations installed at various places around the Ranch is strongly advised.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing public areas, including restrooms, by the Ranch will occur.
  • Attendees are required to self-monitor and self-report suspected Covid-19 symptoms to designated TSP personnel.
  • If symptoms arise, TSP will require immediate quarantine and/or departure of the affected attendee without refunds or credits from TSP.
  • Attendees are strongly encouraged to make advance contingency evacuation plans in the event that they are required to leave early due to onset of symptoms, aggravation of preexisting medical conditions, or serious injury.
  • Attendees will also be required to read, acknowledge and provide signature that they have read and accepted the TSP 2023 online waiver and liability release agreement (Contracts between you and TSP, Inc. et al) forms when they register for TSP 2023 and again when they go through Registration Check in at the Front Gate.
  • Remember that the Front Gate opens for Registration Check In at 9am and closed at 7pm.
  • Arriving RV’s must enter the ranch prior to 6pm for safety and to allow for RV setup during daylight hours.
  • TSP will update these protocols as required by posting them on the official TSP website.
  • Attendees should monitor the TSP website for amendments to policies and protocols and follow those in place at the time of the event.
  • Attendees are required to furnish information for at least one (1) emergency contact not attending TSP.
  • Update your TSP Website Profile and make sure all your information is accurate.
  • Violation of any of the protocols or resistance to compliance will be sufficient grounds to deny admission to or eject the attendee from the star party without refunds or credits from TSP 2023.

If any applicant has any doubt as to their intent and ability to comply with these protocols, they should not attend TSP 2023

TSP doesn’t want to be the bad guy. Nobody regrets having to impose and enforce these protocols more than TSP Staff and Management. Those who freely sacrifice their time and effort to planning, hosting and staffing the event want everyone to enjoy the TSP experience under conditions as safe as can be managed, given the present pandemic. In the spirit of cooperation and understanding, we can have a great TSP 2023.

We’re all in this together!  Together, we can make this work for all!