Debbie MoranObserving: Etiquette, Lists, Sky Orientation, by Debbie Moran


You will learn some of the constellations and bright stars you can expect to see at the Texas Star Party as well as some of the brighter objects, both early in the evening and later in the wee hours of the morning when the spectacular summer Milky Way becomes more prominent in the sky.

There are a number of observing lists developed by the Astronomical League and locally at TSP which can help the new observer decide where to first point binoculars or the telescope and we will cover those.

You will also learn how to dress comfortably for observing, how to use red light and the designated pathways to get around the field and the proper etiquette to avoid disturbing other observers and help preserve night vision for everyone.

There is also a night-time class available that gives hands-on orientation where you will see some of the Best TSP objects (see Observing: Sky Orientation & Best TSP Objects – nighttime).

While this class will cover a little of the basics of how the sky is oriented and apparently moves throughout the evening, the class Sky Maps, RA+Dec, How to find your object  will help with the mechanics of finding your object.




Daytime session (1.5 hours)

Monday May 11, 2015 10:00-11:30 AM