Chris lives on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. He has been an amateur astronomer since 1986, the year of the return of Halley’s Comet. He studied at the University of San Carlos where he received a BS in physics. While a student there, Chris and friends organized the University’s first ever Astronomical Society.

He started observing with a 10×40 binoculars. Chris Go would later own several different telescopes. He currently uses a Celestron C14 for planetary imaging.

Chris’s main astronomical interests are planetary imaging, particularly of Jupiter and Saturn.

In February 2006, Chris Go discovered that the white spot Oval BA of Jupiter (later called Red Spot Jr.) had turned red. He joined planetary scientists Imke de Pater and Phil Marcus to observe Jupiter in the spring of 2006 with the Hubble Space Telescope. He was also involved with follow-up Hubble and Keck observations of Jupiter.

In 2008, he received the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers’ prestigious Walter Haas Award.

In June 2010, he confirmed an impact in Jupiter first observed by Anthony Wesley.

Professionally, he is a businessman into furniture manufacturing. He is married to wife Vicky and has four children: Steven, Kathlyn, Frances and Vincent.

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