Calibration Frames: How to get good flats, by Jason Ware


CCD cameras are wonderful instruments. Their low noise and high sensitivity allow very deep exposures and incredible detail of faint, distant objects.

However, they can also reveal imperfections in optical systems such as vignetting, dust specs on filters and CCD optical windows as well as imperfections in the CCD itself. Fortunately calibration frames such as dark, bias and flat frames can be used to reduce the data to only that of the targets we are trying to capture.

In this class you will learn the basics of image calibration and calibration frame generation. I will present different ways of capturing flat frames as well as how to build a simple flat frame box for very little cost.


Basic understanding of CCD imaging (pixels, noise, etc) is suggested, however some of this will be discussed as we explore the layers of noise enveloping the data so even a beginner can benefit.

These techniques are not limited to CCD cameras, DSLR users can benefit as well.


Daytime session (1.5 hours)

Monday May 26, 2014  3-4:30 PM