Book Your Stay at TSP 2024 Total Solar Eclipse & Star Party


To preorder TSP merchandise and support TSP programs, please visit our Solar Shop. (Link opens in a new tab.) Explore commemorative event items featuring example artwork from past years (Note: Artwork for all 2024 event items, like T-Shirts, hats, mugs, etc., will be updated as soon as the 2024 artwork is complete). Your purchases will be ready for pick up when you arrive at Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center during TSP Check-In.

Purchase Your TSP Special Event Total Solar Eclipse and Star Party Package By Completing and Submitting The Information in The Form Below.

  • 4 NIGHTS AND 11 MEALS (Except no meals included in rates for RV Sites and Those Tent/Dry Camping. A separate meal plan is available.)
  • Rates include Hotel Tax and Texas Sales and Use Tax where required.
  • Package includes a commemorative 2024 Total Solar Eclipse T-Shirt and commemorative Solar Eclipse Safety Film Observing Glasses
  • Activities on Saturday and Sunday in the morning and the afternoon
  • Monday Movie Night
  • And More SEE BELOW
  • $2,734/room UP TO 2 PEOPLE (ages 6 and older)
  • Extra Charges for:
  • $1,367/Additional adult (12 and older)
  • $550/Additional child (6 and 11)
  • $50/Additional toddler (0 and 5)
  • All Linens provided.
  • Rate is for up to 4 people, Adults and Children – (6 AND OLDER)
  • $4,128/room
  • Extra Charges for:
  • $1,032/Additional adult (12 and older)
  • $550/Additional child (6 and 11)
  • $50/Additional toddler (0 and 5)
  • You must provide your own linens, blankets and pillows
  • 5 bunkbed units with one unit having a queen bed and not a twin bed.
  • While the top bunkbeds are not expected to be used, all beds can support an adult.
  • If you have more than 5 or 6 in your family, the top bunks are available.
  • $892 Per Adult (18 and older)
  • At this time there is no accommodation option for 17 and younger to stay in a dormitory
  • You must provide your own linens, blankets and pillows.
  • Dormitories can be setup by Gender: female dorm and male dorm.
  • While top bunkbeds are not expected to be used, both top and bottom bunkbeds can support an adult.
  • Up to 2 people (6 and older)
  • $1,528/Site
  • 50 Amp electrical service
  • Water and sewer connections
  • Extra Charges for:
  • $764/Additional adult (12 and older)
  • $382/Additional child (6 and 11)
  • $50/Additional toddler (0 and 5)
  • Extra Charges for:
  • $664/ Additional Adult (12 and older)
  • $332/Additional Child (6 and 11)
  • $50/Additional/Toddler (0 and 5)
For RV and Tent/Dry Camping Attendees, 11 meals at $185/person. No individual meals are available, only the 11 meals per person meal plan.
  • 11 meals Buffet Style– Breakfast served 4/6 to 4/9, Lunch served 4/6 to 4/8 and Dinner served 4/5 to 4/8.
  • Accommodations – This is a 4-night package, arriving Friday April 5, 2024, and departing Tuesday April 9th, 2024.
  • TSP 2024 Total Solar Eclipse and Star Party Eclipse Event T-Shirt
  • TSP 2024 Total Solar Eclipse and Star Party Solar Safety glasses
FUN ACTIVITIES (Scheduled by Latham Springs)
(Saturday and Sunday – 2 hours in the mornings and 2 hours in the afternoons)
  • Zipline
  • Giant Swing
  • Fishing-Bring your own gear or we can provide.
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Bazooka-Ball Course
  • Gel-Ball Course
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
TEXAS STAR PARTY (Scheduled Activities)

Evening Attendee Speakers (Speakers to be announced on TSP website)
Afternoon Speakers (Speakers to be announced on TSP website)

  • Monday Night at the Movies (April 8th, 2024)
  • Amateur Telescope Makers, Astronomy Art, Astro-imaging Competition
  • Technical Poster Sessions
  • Advanced Observing Challenges
  • General Observing Challenges
  • Novice and Binocular Observing Challenges
  • 8 Miles of Hiking Trails for your enjoyment
  • Guided tours of the night sky by TSP Staff Volunteers
  • Dedicated Dark Out (No White Light Source) Night-Time Observing Fields with Electrical Power Grid installed to power your telescope(s), Astro-imaging equipment and laptop computers.
  • Our venue is Latham Spring Camp and Retreat Center, located 20 miles south southwest of Hillsboro, Texas.
  • Hillsboro, Texas has been rated by Astronomy magazine to the be 7th best location to observe the 2024 April 8th Total Solar Eclipse.
  • FYI-Lampasas, Texas is rated 6th out of 20 best locations by Astronomy magazine. Lampasas is approximately 92 miles away to the southwest.
  • Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center property. With the exception of certified service animals.
  • Each night after 9pm, Dark Out Rules go into effect.
  • Dark Out Rules will be defined on the TSP Website for your convenience to read.
  • Simply put, NO WHITE LIGHT SOURCE is allowed after 9pm each night until dawn to allow your eyes to adjust to the dark of the night so that you can enjoy the dark skies “Deep in the Heart of Texas”!
  • Bring a flashlight with a red lens or red filter to use as you walk around the property at night.
  • Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center is a religious (Baptist) owned property.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed on the property.
  • Marijuana is not legal in Texas and there is no medical marijuana in Texas.
  • Anyone caught with Alcohol, illegal drugs, any marijuana substance in their possession will be evicted from the property without a refund.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas and is not allowed in any buildings.
  • Only snacks are allowed in common areas and not in lodgings.
  • No cooking in buildings.
  • No open campfires
  • Charcoal and fuel stoves can be used for cooking in RV sites and campsites.
  • Texas it is illegal for any business to require Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • In Texas, it is illegal to require proof of vaccinations.
  • In Texas, under certain circumstances, it is illegal to require the wearing of facemasks in public as well as in buildings.
  • Texas Star Party, Inc. and Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center do not require the wearing of facemasks.
  • If you are more comfortable wearing a facemask while on the property, in buildings, dining hall and in large groups of people, please do so.
  • If you cause any damage to any room, building and/or the property, you will be held responsible for the damage and will be required to make restitution and pay for the repairs/replacement.
  • Both Texas Star Party and Latham Springs will provide sufficient parking area for your vehicles.
  • It is recommended that you park your vehicle and walk to Event Registration; Vendor Area; Hall, Sales and Information Area (Same Building) Auditorium, Dining Hall, Fun Activities, Dedicated Observing Fields and your Accommodations.
  • This will provide a safer and more enjoyable time.

Your “Event Pass” includes your access to TSP’s Event to see the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, Nighttime Star Party and your accommodations at Latham Springs. Booking your event and payment is accomplished by logging into the website (You will have to create a login if you do not have a login) by completing the form at the bottom of this page. Once you have completed the form and entered your payment information you will then click on the “SUBMIT” button to send your information to TSP which will complete the payment process. Full payment is required. If you do not provide your payment information, your form and its relevant information will not be submitted to TSP.

Upon receipt of your completed Booking and Payment for the event, TSP will log the date and time of  your submission to establish the order TSP will use to assign accommodations.

You must provide your own transportation to and from the venue.

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Latham Springs buildings and accommodations are spread out over 500 acres.  It will also be springtime and the weather can go from spring temperatures to summer or to winter as we say in 10 minutes. We advise that you bring clothing to suit a range of temperatures, especially if you will be observing at night.

By filling out the booking and registration information and submitting full payment, you understand and agree to Texas Star Party, Inc. (Also known as TSP) and Latham Spring Camp and Retreat Center’s Terms and Conditions, Cancellations & Refund Policies.

Go to TSP website to read the above by following the links provided.

TSP staff and management recommends that you obtain Traveler Insurance in the event the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Texas Star Party, Inc. and Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center.

TSP’s Terms & Conditions are listed on our website,


You will be purchasing accommodation for 4 nights with 11 meals for you and each member of your family and /or group. There are no single nights available to purchase. And no Eclipse Day Walk-ins.

Accommodation Availability is on a first come-first assigned basis and that is determined by the date and time stamp when you submit your completed booking and registration form with full payment as it is received in our booking and registration system. The are no deposits and no partial payments available. Only full payment. Your booking and registration form will not be submitted if you do not include your payment information.  Payment can be made using your credit/debit card. Once TSP Staff confirms your booking, you will receive, via an email, EVENT PASSES for you and your party.


Cancellations must be received by submitting a “Cancellation and Refund Request Form”.
Refunds (if applicable based on the following timeline of when you submit your request).

  • If you cancel on or before November 20th, 2023, you will receive a refund less 50% of your total payment.
  • If you cancel after November 20th, 2023, but before December 31st you will receive a refund less 70% of your total payment.
  • If you cancel on or after January 1, 2024, but before March 1, 2024 you will receive a refund less 85% of your total payment.
  • If you cancel after March 1, 2024, you will forfeit all (100%) of your payment and will not receive any refund.
  • Anyone who has not cancelled before March 1, 2024, but does not show up to attend the event will forfeit 100% of their payment.
  • There are no refunds for missed meals and/or any paid activities. This includes missed meals, unused accommodations, prepaid activities, prepaid tours and any provided prepaid group transportation.
  • Neither Texas Star Party, Inc. or Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center, can control the weather. In the event of cloud cover the day of and during the Total Solar Eclipse, no refunds, partial or full, will be returned to each participant/attendee. You are advised to purchase adequate “Trip Insurance” to recover any financial loss you and those in  your party might incur. Your are making your purchase of your Event Pass for TSP’s 4 night 2024 Total Solar Eclipse and Star Party Package with full knowledge that there are risks associated with “Chasing Eclipses” that the host organization and the venue cannot control. You and members of your party assume those risks and understand that regardless of what the weather does or does not do in regards to any weather conditions that impair one’s ability to observe/photograph the eclipse on April 8th, 2024, this 4 night package will still be held and all costs associated with you and your party attending are your responsibility and not Texas Star Party, Inc. and/or Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center.

I have read and accept the terms stated above Cancellations & Refunds. By selecting and electing to submit the “Booking’ form with your payment you agree to the terms, conditions, policies as stated on this page and on the Booking form itself as well as posted on the TSP website.  TSP and Latham Springs reserve the right to change these terms, Booking Rates and availability of accommodations in/on our website, advertising media-hardcopy, online and social media.

 Paid bookings will not be affected by any changes in rates. You lock in your “Booking Rate” that was in effect at the time of your purchasing your EVENT PASS(es).


For additional information, please contact TSP Housing: Click HERE.

Please click here to login to book and pay for Texas Star Party's TSP 2024 Total Solar Eclipse and Star Party 4 Night Event.