Boatright_RussellObserving: Sky Orientation & Best TSP Objects (nighttime), by Russell Boatright


This is a great class to help you get started on enjoying the best of what TSP has to offer under our very dark skies!

First we’ll help you get oriented with the sky naked-eye, by teaching you how to find your way around by first locating reliable signposts… the brightest stars.

Next you’ll continue your naked-eye experience by learning some of the more-recognizable constellations.

Finally, we’ll take you on a tour of the best objects available through a telescope… including galaxies, nebulae, clusters, and of course… our showcase object, Omega Centauri!  (see list below)

Space is limited for this night-time special class, so enroll early for the TSP AstroLearn Workshop!  (You can pay your AstroLearn Workshop registration fee online, when you pay your TSP Registration fees.)

There is also a daytime class available, that will give you useful information/overview on this subject (see Observing: Etiquette, Lists, Sky Orientation).


No prior experience required for this class.

Unlike the daytime classroom sessions, this nighttime session is limited to fewer students due to space and other limitations.


Nighttime session (2 hours)

Sunday May 10, 2015 9:15-11:30 PM
Monday May 10, 2015 9:15-11:30 PM

(Tuesday night will be used for sessions that are clouded-out)


These are the objects that we are planning to observe:
1) M51- Whirlpool Galaxy
2) M101- Pinwheel Galaxy
3) M97- Owl Nebula
4) M81- Bodes Galaxy
5) M82- Cigar Galaxy
6) M3- Messier Globular Cluster
7) M44- Beehive Cluster
8) M67- Rich Messier Open Cluster
9) NGC 2903- Barred Spiral Galaxy
10) M65- Messier Spiral Galaxy (Leo Trio)
11) M66- Messier Spiral Galaxy (Leo Trio)
12) NGC 3628- Hamburger Galaxy (Leo Trio)
13) M53- Messier Globular Cluster
14) NGC 5053- Challenge Globular Cluster
15) M64- Black Eye Galaxy
16) NGC 4565- Edge On Galaxy
17) NGC 4562- Challenge Edge On Galaxy
18) MEL 111- Coma Star Cloud
19) M84- Elliptical Galaxy and Markarian's Chain
20) M100- Messier Face On Galaxy
21) M104- Sombrero Galaxy
22) NGC 5139- Omega Centauri
23) NGC 5128- Centaurus A
24) NGC 4945- Nearby Spiral Galaxy