TSP 2024 Total solar eclipse and star party event “Event Pass” booking system is closed.

Our next star party is April 20th to 27th, 2025 at Prude Ranch, Fort Davis Texas pending contract signing. TSP management and volunteer staff look forward to being your host. TSP’s system for you to book your “Event Pass” for TSP 2025 will open up later this year. We will update our home page with additional information as we draw closer to when the system will come back on line.

A couple of quick points to make. The system will be the same as for TSP 2024. No lottery and you will no longer be required to select 3 preferred choices of housing. You will choose your event package based on the accommodations types/prices available. If your initial preferred choice of accommodation is no longer available you will need to select your next preferred accommodation. If there are no accommodation choices available, you will need to seek accommodations offsite. You will also need to pay the combined price {“Event Fee(s) and your accommodation(s)} when you submit your “Event Pass” purchase.

Deposits to hold Prude Ranch accommodations will no longer be required or accepted starting with TSP 2025. All reservation/requests for Prude Ranch accommodations will be managed and processed by Texas Star Party, Inc. Texas Star Party, Inc. (TSP) is the reservations agent company that manages guest accommodation for and during the Texas Star Party, TSP 2025.

As stated above, more information to follow.


TSP management