Join TSP Volunteers Today!

Texas Star Party, Inc. is a 100 percent Volunteer organization. Without our Volunteer Staff, the Organization would not exist. TSP is very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers to help us manage our day to day business as well as the planning, managing and running the operations of our Annual Star Party Event. Our Texas Texas Star Party is the Premier Amateur Astronomer Star Party Event.  By volunteering, you will be a part of our continuing tradition to serve the Amateur Astronomers who attend one of the largest observing conferences in the world! Join us and be part of our TSP Family. Our Volunteer Staff is what makes TSP (Texas Star Party) Event and the TSP Organization GREAT!

Each year it takes between 50-70 volunteers to make things happen. Some of us become experts and reliably repeat our particular task from year to year. Others just volunteer during the current TSP week, and enjoy helping out for just a few hours.

TSP Volunteers are the life blood of TSP.  TSP Volunteers are in most cases, entry level positions assisting Team Leads and Operations Committee managers. Your participation as a TSP Volunteer is the first step in becoming more involved in the planning, organization, management and running of the Annual Texas Star Party Event.  This also includes the day to day business activities of the organization. Being a TSP Volunteer is a very important contribution.  TSP is the Premier Amateur Astronomy Event to attend because of our TSP Volunteers. No experience is needed, just a willingness to contribute. And you get to meet new friends.  TSP Volunteers can, as they build experience, move into key positions within the organization. We have many talented and experienced Mentors available to train and guide you.  There is a path to advancement.  But first you have to volunteer and make your desire to advance known.

How Can I Help as a TSP Volunteer?

Click on the position title, to send an e-mail to the coordinator. Your assignment is not automatic. You will hear from the coordinator first.
Note that positions without links are presently filled. The coordinator for each team maintains a list of alternates. The name of the coordinator for each team will be included in the Fall of 2022.

There are many volunteer positions that qualify for early arrival at TSP on Friday and Saturday and other benefits. TSP management will show its appreciation for your commitment and dedication in supporting our Star Party. Email your inquiry to the links for each volunteer area (if provided) or contact: President-Texas Star Party.

TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR FRIDAY/EARLY SATURDAY ARRIVAL. TEAM VOLUNTEERS MUST VOLUNTEER FOR AT LEAST ONE ADDITIONAL VOLUNTEER TEAM. And Please Note: While attendees can arrive at the ranch on Friday before TSP starts, to be approved for Early Arrival and Saturday Night Housing. You must be approved by the President of TSP. Only approved volunteers will be allowed on the ranch during the day Saturday (before Opening Sunday) and have access to ranch housing Saturday night. This is to allow TSP staff to perform unimpeded “TSP Event infrastructure” installation on ranch property.

  • Power Grid team. – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team
    1st Shift-Saturday (before TSP starts) 7:00am-11 am: Assist with laying out power wires in observing fields. (10-12 people)
    2nd Shift-Sunday 7 am-10 am: Assist with coiling up power wires. (10 people)
  • Volunteers for the Power Grid Team must commit to assist with both the Saturday Shift and the Closing Sunday Shift to be accepted on the team.
  • Power Cord Inspection/Repair. – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team ELIGIBLE FOR FRIDAY/EARLY SATURDAY ARRIVAL or as  early as Wednesday.
    1st-Saturday(before TSP starts) 8:30AM-11 AM: Inspect & Repair TSP power cords. (2 persons)
  • Special Power Setup on Saturday (2 people)  Inspect/repair/install power box cords at Lodge and Vendor Pavilion.
    Install 4 ceiling fans (convenient plug-in, ie no wiring) ; remove on following Saturday
    1st-Saturday(before TSP starts) 10 AM – 5 PM
    Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team
  • Stairs Safety Lighting team (2-3 PEOPLE)
    1st-Saturday(before TSP starts) 3 pm: assist with installing safety lighting on two stairs at main field (2 hours)
    2nd Sunday 9-10 am: assist with coiling up safety lighting on two stairs at main field (1 hour)
  • Chalk Lines and Markings team
    1st-Saturday(before TSP starts) 1o to 12 Noon
    (trainee) Assist with marking Upper Field (roadway, stair pathways, camping zones)
    Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team
  • Dark-Out Team.
    Saturday before TSP starts: 2 to 6 pm
    and if needed: 1st Sunday 10am to 1pm; or 2 pm to 5 pm: Assist with putting foil on windows and deploying red light bulbs. (10 to 16 persons, 2 teams)
    2nd-Sunday 9 am- to 1oam: Assist with removing foil, and recovering red light bulbs. (10 – 16 people)
  • Medical volunteers  (examples doctor, nurse, EMT, etc) 3- 4 people
    Help with various aspects of supporting emergency conditions. More at In Case of Emergency
  • Dining Hall Front door Temperature-taker (IR Thermometer provided), during meals 1 to 2 people
  • Walk-thru inspection team
    (7 people  – 1 Team Leader and Three 2 person teams: 2 per field)

    • Walk thru TSP fields on first two observing nights (about 2 hours each).
    • Clear upper field perimeter and center drive thru of all cars before 7:30pm each day.
    • Inspect for “White Light Violations” on and in buildings: including Ranch office area, RVs, Tents, bathroom areas
    • Check for Red screen filters covering computer screens (plastic as well as film) and overly bright computer screens.
    • Position requires  training and has high authority for enforcement. Reports to Head of Security.  This position includes additional fringe benefits. Contact Head of Security for description of benefits.
  • Evening Speaker and afternoon Paper Session Emcees (2-3 people)
    Emcee the Afternoon paper sessions Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday
  • A/V Setup
    Help us assemble the audio amps, microphones, speakers, cabling, front Screen setup, and projector setup. Opening Sunday Setup and Saturday Tear Down.
  • T-shirt Design !
    If your design is accepted, we will waive your TSP Registration Fee and you’ll get a T-shirt (your size) free!
  • T-shirt Coordinator
    Oversee the process of making TSP T-shirts.  Receive & implement designs using Photoshop or similar software.  Submit artwork to T-shirt vendor and coordinate shipment. (free T-shirt. Permanent position will also earn housing-drawing exemption)
  • T-shirt Delivery
    Receive a list of orders and T-shirts from supplier.  Package and ship t-shirts to purchasers who did not attend. 2nd order runs will be drop shipped by printer.
  • Front Gate/Registration Verification Team (throughout TSP week) (20+ people)
    Assist with greeting attendees, screening our sightseers, gate-check-in, giving directions
    Volunteers will staff the Front Gate for two or more 3 hour shifts starting in the morning with 2-3 person teams per shift.
    Your request MUST be received before 7th of March. Head of Security will contact you as soon as the schedule is finalized, usually about 4 weeks before TSP.
  • Sales and Information Desk team (16 people)
    Monday afternoon and 1 hour in late afternoon all other days. Training session at 10am Monday morning.
  • Program teams (throughout TSP week)
    Assist with ATM, Observing, and Astrophotography Contests: (trainee positions) Assist gathering forms, working with judges, assembling results for presentation on Friday or Saturday night
  • Group Photo (1 person)
    (trainee) Friday 1-2 PM. Requires working from heights (roof). Bring your own camera/tripod.
    Post-process work: print photo copies, package in envelope, and mail (50-80 pix)
  • Video Editor
    Assemble & edit TSP videos for website.  Update our videos using an .fcp project file.  Final Cut Pro 5 or 6 or similar.  We can provide software.  Paid position, depending on effort.
  • Staff/Team Leads (long-term positions)
    You can contribute to the longevity and continued success of TSP!
    TSP is interested in folks who are willing to serve in leadership and advisory positions.
    Stability is an important factor in repeating a successful event, so qualified individuals are greatly needed for 2-3 or more years.
    Contact the President-Texas Star Party  and let us know what you would like to do, or just let us know more about your qualifications!
    Requests to serve on the TSP Board of Directors will also be considered.

When you contact us, be sure to let us know whether you are interested in helping just this year, or if you’d like to join our staff permanently!

Some positions may qualify you for early-arrival on the Saturday before TSP starts! You will be approved for early-arrival (subject to specific volunteer teams) only if your request is accepted by the president.