We provide below some of our TSP observing programs from previous years.
If you need something else to do during TSP, try one of these!

If you observe a list during TSP week, you can turn in your observations to the appropriate observing coordinator. If we have a leftover pin, we’ll give it to you. If we are out of pins, please accept our handshake and congratulations for a job well done!

These are provided in PDF file format. If you are unable to read these files, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download this ZIP file which contains many of our observing programs in SkyTools(STX), Excel(XLS), SkySafari(SKYLIST), Deep-Sky Planner(DSPLAN), and plaintext(TXT) format.


Regular Observing Programs

Novice Observing Program

Binocular Observing Programs

Advanced Observing Programs




Interested in a longer-term observing project? Observe 100 NGC objects in consecutive number order.
Check out the Wagoner 100 Observing Program !