Potential Activities for “Partners” of TSP Astronomers

Our TSP Staff is expanding the original TSP Ladies activity to include activities for everyone.  The activity is now  TSP “Partners”! TSP Staff will be exploring new activities to add to this activity area.

Below is the current list of activities, which have been part of TSP in the past. The days of the week and the times listed have not been confirmed for TSP 2022 but represent when these activities have happened in Past TSP Star Parties. A confirmed schedule will be updated on this webpage. Please check back for updates and information on new activities.

If you have any suggestions and recommendations please email us at tsp@texasstarparty.org

  • Tour of Museum of the Big Bend:

    Group Tour of Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross University in Alpine (Friday).

      • When:   Friday meet at 1:15 PM (departs at 1:30 PM)
      • Where:  Meet outside the Ranch front office, immediately after the group photo
      • Cost:  $5/person
      • Includes:
        • Curator-led tour of the Big Bend Legacy permanent exhibit
          • Natural history, human history and confluence of cultures in the Big Bend region
          • Including many relics and displays of pioneer and native American life.
          • View a 2 minute video of Big Bend Legacy exhibit
        • A personalized tour of the Map collection
          • Led by Matt Walter, Historian & Curator of Cartographic Collections
          • One of the largest and most diversified selections of Texas maps in the state
          • See the original first map to depict the Americas as separate continents (1550 A.D.)
          • The collection is housed in a special map room
          • View examples of the maps on display
      • Hosted by:  TSP “Partners”
      • Dress Code:   dress comfortably!

    Submit your Museum of the Big Bend Tour request  soon!!!
    Open to all TSP attendees!   Limited to 16 people!

  • Birdwatching Walks:

    a 1 1/2 hour Bird Walk on the Ranch!

    • This is a great opportunity to hone your OBSERVING skills and find out some of the tricks and techniques to see and identify birds!
    • Meet us at the front porch of the Lodge Building (north of Upper Observing field)
    • 8 AM Monday thru Saturday: Join us for informal walks in various bird-productive areas of the ranch!
    • Bring water, sun protection/hat, and a notepad/pen. Binoculars and a birding book will also be useful, if you have them.
    • What Birds can you see?  Read the Birding Checklist from some of our walks in 20182016, and 2014!