Prude Ranch provides Internet access throughout many areas of the ranch, but does NOT include most areas of the TSP observing fields, except that which occurs incidentally from their coverage of public building and housing areas.

NOT intended for intensive applications such as video, music, Internet games or large file uploads, which demand high-bandwidth for GUI or data transfer. (Your computer may be permanently disconnected if you attempt these.)

Did you know that your devices try to use the internet even when the screen is off?  Even in your pocket or glovebox?
You can help!  Set your cellphone / smartphone / tablet  to AIRPLANE MODE or POWER OFF except when in use. This will reduce contention by devices polling our equipment which prevents connection needed by others.
(Also: AIRPLANE MODE helps you recharge less since your device will use less power!)
Turning off  Bluetooth will also help us!

Telescope-related Internet and Bluetooth devices are no longer banned at night!

  • SkyFi Wireless Telescope Controller (Wi-Fi)
  • Orion StarSeek Wi-Fi Module
  • Meade Wireless Autostar II Computer Controller (bluetooth)
  • Starry Night BlueStar Wireless Telescope Controller (bluetooth)

Wireless internet capacity on the fields is greatly reduced and your observing neighbors with similar devices will likely experience interference, contention, and other problems. Click Here  for more explanation.

Interference from other nearby devices can cause problems for your wireless telescope equipment.  Use directly connected (wired) controls to guarantee reliable performance of your equipment. Contact the manufacturer of your equipment and accessories for the best ways to do this.

One possible solution is to use a wired-connection, such as the SkyWire Serial Accessory, which uses a direct wire to your telescope.


How Do I Connect?

  1. Using your 802.11b/g wireless connection, look for our Access Point names beginning with  “Prude_Guest.
    • Depending on where you are, multiple access points may be seen. Because of elevation and antenna differences, you should use the Access Point with the strongest signal.
    • The Prude Ranch system may be listed as an “unsecure” network as you set up your connection.  Obtain your wireless password at the Ranch front desk.
  2. Or using a wired connection, we can provide help give you access at the TSP Radio building, located under the ham antenna tower.

Rules for Wireless Access:

  • Do Not operate your own Wireless Router, Access Point, Range Extender, Wireless Print Server, Wireless Peer-to-Peer Network, Wireless Remote Control System or Bluetooth device at TSP. There are a limited number of open frequencies in the area and Prude Ranch uses all of them to deliver Internet access across the Ranch. Turning on your Wireless Router (or any device listed above) will slow response times for everyone else unnecessarily (due to radio switching) as the competing routers work out whose computer goes to what router.
    It is okay to use your own
  • wire-only router or switch to build a network
  • built-in or external wireless access adapter or card to connect to the Prude Ranch system as a client.
  • USB or similar wireless access device that gives your computer wireless connection to the TSP system as a client.
  • Bluetooth devices use the same frequencies as the Prude Ranch wireless routers and can cause interference to users connecting with our network. Bluetooth devices include wireless headphones for cellphones, MP3 players and IPods, as well as some remote controllers for telescopes/focussers.
  • System performance will vary depending on time of day, the number of active users, and your specific location on the Ranch. It is likely that some areas of the Ranch may not be accessible via wireless.
  • Depending on usage and the capability of our equipment, we may have to exclude users or limit the hours of operation.
  • NOT intended for intensive applications such as video, music, or Internet games, which demand high-bandwidth for GUI or data transfer. We reserve the right to disconnect your computer access and/or exclude offending wireless equipment from TSP for this or similar abuse, without notice.
  • If you are connecting by wire at the TSP Radio Building…. If all cables are in use, a 30 minute disconnect rule applies so that the next user may get a connection. If no one is waiting, there is no limit on connect time.

Due to our location and the time/difficulty involved in providing or restoring service, Prude Ranch does not guarantee any specific user will be able to connect to the system or that Internet services will be available anywhere on the ranch.