Fort Davis, Texas

Population 900, Altitude 5,050



  • CHIHUAHUAN DESERT VISITOR CENTER – Botanic gardens, and nature trails related to the desert flora. On Texas 1228, 3.5 miles south.
  • DAVIS MOUNTAINS STATE PARK – A 2,869 acre state park including Indian Lodge hotel, patterned in the pueblo style. Scenic drive includes long-distance views.
    Camping, picnicing, dining room, trailer facilities, rest rooms, nature study, hiking. Six miles west of Fort Davis. Texas Highway 118 Park Road 3.  Admission is charged.
  • FORT DAVIS NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE – This large US Fort was established in 1854 to guard the area, and was deactivated in 1891. A museum, open daily in reconstructed barracks, vividly interprets frontier military life and is located adjacent to the town Fort Davis on Texas Highway 118.
  • OVERLAND TRAIL MUSEUM – Named for historic trail that once passed its front door, this small museum includes a pioneer ranch, trail, and law enforcement artifacts.  Located in Fort Davis on Texas Highway 118.
  • SCENIC DRIVE – A 74 mile loop through the Davis Mountains (from and back to Fort Davis) leads to a host of choice mountain landscapes. Two miles south on Texas 17,  take Texas 166 west to intersection with Texas 118, then southeast back to Texas  17 and Fort Davis.
    Features include nine scenic roadside parks, Mount Locke topped by McDonald Observatory, beautiful Madera Canyon, and Davis Mountains State Park.
  • UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MCDONALD OBSERVATORY AT MOUNT LOCKE– Various telescopes located on telescope including 30″, 36″, 82″, 107″, and 362″ observatories.At the foot of Mount Locke, a visitor center/shop presents programs daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Located off of Texas Highway 118 about 16 miles northwest of Fort Davis.
  • BALMORHEA STATE PARK AND LARGE NATURAL POOL One of the world’s largest spring-fed pools, with water so crystal clear you’ll want to bring your snorkeling gear to experience the underwater world below.  A scenic drive, just 35 miles away!


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