TSP Amateur Telescope-Making

New! ATM get-togethers during the week!   Find out about our ATM Meetups !


  Amateur telescope and atelescope driveccessory makers (ATMs) from all over the world will have all week to evaluate and show their work and share ideas.

Show us what you’ve done, by bringing it along to show others. 

  Your ideas and implementation may be just the solution that others have been looking for in their own work.   You can talk about them in our new TSP ATM Forum !

And check out SCURT and how it might help your project!


computer light shieldWe’ll stop by and chat to find out more about what you’ve done, take some pictures to highlight your work.

We’ll recognize your work at the Home-brew Scopes and Gadgets Showing during the Saturday afternoon seminars.

Check out our 2015 ATM Entries page.  WOW!

You can also see our 2011 , 2012, 2013, and 2014 ATM Entries pages. 



 A telescope entry Our ATM categories include: Telescopes, Mounts/drives, Accessories

 Turn in your ATM Registration Form at the TSP Registration Desk before 5:30 PM Wednesday.   Attach a 2′ piece of bright surveyors tape to your entry to help us find you (available at the registration desk).

 Please be in the field by your entry (or follow us) for judging 1-5 PM Thursday. Judges will start at north end of Upper field, and work southward to the Central and Lower fields.

 We appreciate it when your descriptions/demonstrations are informative, brief and concise.