Youth Outreach!
TSP is very much focused on our youth. The majority live in large metropolitan areas and see very little of the night sky due to light pollution. In order to accommodate our younger attendees, TSP has made changes in its registration rates for ages 17 to 12 (50% discount off of the Family member price).

We very much appreciate having young people attend TSP, and we waive their registration fee as encouragement for children 11 and younger to attend. Children 16 and younger must also be accompanied by a parent. Older adolescents that are 17 years of age are allowed to attend by themselves with written consent from their parent(s).

The Prude Ranch has lower accommodation charges, for children 11-6.

All registered adolescents can participate in all TSP activities that are available to our older registered attendees.

In addition to the dark skies and “sea of telescopes” that are always available, sometimes we have special activities for children during TSP.

All of the attendees who are 17 and younger are welcome to go on the any of the 3 observing fields, setup their telescopes and related equipment with the same privileges as attendees who are 18 and older. 

If they do not have a telescope to view through, if they introduce themselves to an attendee on any of the 3 observing fields, and politely ask if they can view their telescope and explain a bit about their telescopes.  They will be greeted with a warm welcome. All of our attendees support youth outreach activities and encourage the younger generations to become involved in amateur astronomy. And we all love to show off our telescopes.

Some years we have a special door-prize drawing for children.  Please attend the evening guest speaker sessions to get their name in the “hat” for a Door Prize!

For TSP 2023, TSP will have 4 nights of guest evening speakers. 

The Prude Ranch also has an indoor pool for swimming, horseback riding, and hiking.

Here are some other items of interest…