Prude Ranch TSP 2023 Rates For TSP 2023 Week


These 2023 rates are in effect during TSP only. If you are a guest of  the Prude Ranch prior to the official start of TSP Week-Sunday May 14th, 2022, (May 13th  for approved volunteers and before Saturday May 13th, 2022) you will pay the standard Prude accommodation rates in effect at that time for Prude Ranch Guests. (Meals are not included.)

If you have arrived early for TSP 2023  prior to May 14th, 2023, you must exit the Ranch on Saturday if you are not an approved volunteer to allow TSP staff to install star party infrastructure.

Please Note:
Saturday May 13th, 2022 is the day when Early Arrival Volunteers are installing TSP infrastructure. Accommodations at Prude Ranch for Saturday night, May 13th, 2022 are “Blocked Out” for attendees. Access to Prude Ranch and Ranch acc0mmo0dations for Saturday Night May 13th, 2022 are reserved  and only available for volunteers who have been approved for Early Arrival and Early “Saturday Night” Accommodations. 

Ranch accommodations for TSP attendees become available on Sunday May 14th, 2022.

===Daily Rates WITHOUT MEALS:======================

(No Tax charged)
(per person)         Adult                           Child 6-11
Camping           25.00                              12.00  (no meals)
RV Site              36.00/ up to 2 people     10.00  (no meals)
    ($18.00 for each add'l over 2 people in RV)

“Camping includes Tent Camping and Dry Camping”

All Tents, Dry Camping RV-Vehicles-etc and Equipment Tent/Trailers Require a Permit. As noted above, Tent Campers and Dry Campers pay $25/day/person.
Equipment Tent/Trailer permits are required for all attendees. If you are paying for ranch accommodations, you need a Permit but do not have to pay for the Permit. If you have offsite accommodations, you do have to pay for the Permit.

Equipment Tent/Trailer Permit Fee for attendees staying offsite is  $15.00/day. 
No charge if you are staying at Prude Ranch
You can obtain/purchase your Equipment Tent/trailer Permit from the Prude Ranch office.



======Daily Rates WITH MEALS: (Lunch & Dinner)=======

(Includes 13% Lodging/Meal Tax)
(per person)   Adult    Child 6-11
Bunkhouse     $78.00      $39.00
Family - Sgl   (not available)
 Cabin   Dbl    $111.00     $50.00
              Trpl+ $101.00     $50.00
 Motel -  Sgl   (not available)
              Dbl   $128.00     $50.00
              Trpl+ $113.00     $50.00

Motel Rooms have service once a week (Odd numbered rooms on
Tuesday and Even numbered rooms on Wednesday-actual day subject
to change). Fresh towel service provided daily if used towels are
left outside of door.
There are 34 units available, each with 2 double or 2 queen beds.
One two-bedroom suite is available. Special rates apply. No charge for children under age 6. Family cabins have a queen or king size bed plus a set of bunks.

Campers/RVers. TSP Week Meal-package $325/person including tax (13 meals: 6 lunch
and 7 dinner starting May 14th, 2022)

* TSP 2023 Application/Reservation request for 5 or more days receive top priority in the TSP Random Lottery Drawing and related Housing Assignments chosen from your 3 housing choices (top down priority).
All Prices Subject to Change without Notice


A Deposit IN ADVANCE per person is required to hold a reservation.
Those staying in offsite housing are not required to make a deposit payment to Prude Ranch.

NOTE: Attendees who are staying offsite must purchase an Equipment Tent/Trailer Permit if they are bringing a trailer and storing it on the ranch or setting up a tent to store equipment.  Attendees must not sleep in their equipment tents or trailers.

Deposit Amounts for Prude Ranch Accommodations per person.

  • $50/person – RV Site & Tent/Dry Campers
  • $100/person – Bunkhouse
  • $200/person – Family Cabin & Motel Rooms

No Deposits refunds after April 14, 2023

In mid February 2023, you will receive from TSP Housing an email informing you that you have an Approved Application with a Confirmed Reservation for one of your 3 housing choices if you are assigned ranch housing.

Please mail your deposit check (SEE DEPOSIT SCHEDULE BELOW) You have to pay a deposit for your Prude Ranch accommodations based on the type of accommodations and the number of people that are in your family (if you use a family application).  Example: 2 people in a Motel Room is $200 deposit/person times 2 people = $400.000 deposit that you would need to mail to the ranch or pay off of the Ranch’s Invoicing system. Pay your Deposits before March 25, 2023, payable to :

Prude Ranch
PO Box 1907
Fort Davis, TX 79734

Cancellation and Refunds Policy:

After April 14, 2023 there are no refunds for cancellations/unused nights for accommodations.

Please request refund of deposit or other payments by mail or email postmarked on or before April 14, 2023. Cancellation after this date will result in loss of deposit/other payments.

Send any request to cancel TSP 2023 Week-Prude Ranch Reservation and for refunds to:


Prude Ranch
PO Box 1907
Fort Davis, TX 79734