Our Rules have changed for TSP 2023!

You must read all of the Rules, Guide Lines and Covid-19 Protocols. Please familiarize yourself, members of your family and others that you know are attending with our New Rules, etc. We want everyone to be safe and healthy while attending TSP 2022 and after. Your cooperation and following all of our required Protocols, etc will help insure that your attending TSP 2022 is a fun and enjoyable event.

If you need to update your account information, please click on the provided link. My TSP Account to create/submit an application(s).

Application To Attend and the Random Drawing for Housing.

It is our policy to promote fair access of the limited facilities to all; old-timers and newcomers alike. Therefore, we hold a random drawing each year, to select individual names for TSP Registration, as well as to allocate accommodations on the Ranch.
While there are nice motel, tent camping, and RV locations available off-site, many people prefer the convenience of observing and lodging without the need to drive late at night after observing.
All requests to attend TSP will be done by random drawing. The drawing will also be used for initial assigning/allocating reservations for Prude Ranch motel rooms, family cabins, bunkhouse beds, RV slots, and tent and dry camping (sleeping in vehicle, cot on the field. sleeping bag on the ground, unassigned space RV. Do not sleep in your equipment trailer/tent..

  • Everyone needs to send in an application to attend and to participate in the Random Drawing for Housing. This includes attendees who are staying off-site.
  • Tent and  Dry Camping reservations are included in the drawing. Specific tent-camp sites are available on each observing field on a first-come basis, and cannot be reserved in advance. A total of 75 Tent/Dry Camping  sites are available at $18/person. Once we reach the 75 Tent/Dry camp site limit, Prude Ranch Management has agreed to add additional Tent/Dry sites at $18/person plus the $228/person meal plan (prorated for stays less than the full week of the Star Party). Included in the full meal plan: lunch and dinner from all days except opening Sunday, which is only the dinner meal.
  • Reservations requested after the Random Drawing (January 18th to February 15th, 2022),  from February 20th to April 15th 2022,  will be assigned from the remaining Prude Ranch Accommodations. Please check our Room Openings listing (updated weekly in February, March and April) for the latest available rooms and dates. People who elect to attend but were not able to participate in our Random Drawing, can select off site housing from surrounding area accommodations. There are motels and RV parks in Fort Davis and local ranches that offer accommodations.

How to complete your Application Register To Attend and to Participate in the Random Drawing for Housing:

  • You must submit a completed Application to Attend TSP 2022 and to be entered into the Random Drawing for Housing Assignment via our online form starting November 25, 2021 to January 17, 2022.
  • Do not print the Registration Form and send money or check. You will register and make payment using our online form after you receive an email informing you that your Reservation has been accepted and your housing has been assigned.  Your Housing deposit is a separate payment, which you will pay directly to Prude Ranch.
  • Only one Registration Request per person(household) is allowed. You can only have 1 housing request. This means NO GROUP reservations for multiple Motel rooms, Family Cabins, and RV sites. Your reservation request will be declined if you attempt to make a Group reservation.
  • If you are sharing a single motel room, cabin, or want to be in the same bunkhouse with other members of your group… each member of the group may submit a form, but all forms must have the same information for (a) number of people, (b) dates, and (c) the other members names listed in the “Other Info” area.
  • For bunkhouse requests by groups/friends, we do not guarantee that all names will be selected but will make every effort to place your group in the same bunkhouse together as requested.

Due to Covid-19 Protocols being implemented, Reservations are NON-TRANSFERABLE, and cannot be shifted to other people (friends/strangers/whatever).

  • You and everyone in your family will have to present a photo ID at the Front Gate to enter the Ranch.
  • You and everyone in your family are required to present a negative molecular PCR test taken within 72 hours before arriving at the ranch
  • Or you can voluntarily upload your CDC Covid-19 Proof of Vaccinations Card instead of a negative molecular PCR test.

You have to be registered and on the printed list in order for the Front Gate Team to verify that you have registered and your TSP Fee(s) have been paid.

  • You have to be vetted by the Front Gate Team and issued your TSP 2022 Wristband to enter the ranch.
  • If no one is at the Front Gate to check you in, you will have to wait and not enter the ranch.
  • Your registration must be confirmed before entering.
  • If you are on the ranch and do not have your wristband, you will be asked to go to the Front Gate to be processed by the Front Gate Team and issued your wristband.
  • The Times when TSP Front Gate Staff are scheduled to process Attendees will be posted before the start of TSP (Sunday 24, 2022)


  • If you need to cancel, please let us know right away, so that we can make the slot available to someone else! Otherwise, last day to cancel and request a refund is April 15, 2022.

Application Procedure:

  • TSP will draw names of those who have applied to attend in random order. We will attempt to fulfill your first choice, and if that fails we go on to your second and third choices. If all of your choices fail, then we go on to the next person in the drawing… AND put your name on our waiting list.
  • TSP will run a random drawing for applicants staying 5+ days and  4 days and less.  A  sequential number will be assigned to each applicant.
  • We will let you know the status of your request by February 15 to February 20, 2022
  • If your request is accepted, you will receive a Reservation Confirmation e-mail, indicating the dates of your stay, housing type/room number, number of people, your daily room rate, and the Prude Ranch Housing Deposit amount.
  • Your Housing deposit must be received by the Ranch on or before March 25st, 2022, or your reservation will be canceled.
  • If you receive a Reservation Confirmation, it will include links to complete your Registration and to pay your TSP Registration fee.
  • If you are staying on the Ranch, you will also receive information on how to pay your Prude Ranch Housing Deposit.

Your My TSP Account webpage will allow you to:

  • Register and Pay your TSP Registration fee online.
  • If you have on-site accommodations
  • The Ranch may send you a separate email (within 10 days) allowing you to pay your Prude Ranch deposit online
  • You can also download and print out a  Prude Ranch Reservation Form and mail in your Prude Ranch Reservation Form and advance deposit payment to the ranch.


Please note that your Housing deposit is to be sent separately to the Ranch, not to the TSP Registrar.

TSP Registration and TSP Event Fee Payment Form:

Registration and Payment is now all online using TSP Web based Registration Form and Payment (PayPal and credit cards accepted). TSP no longer accepts mail in registration and payment.

Note: You must also pay for your TSP Registration Event Fee by providing payment information on the TSP Registration Form. The Registration Form Submit option will not activate until your payment information is entered on the form.

 NOTICE! Staying off-Ranch? $13/night equipment tent/trailer permit charge! Go to the Ranch office after being vetted by the Front Gate Team and pay for your equipment tent/trailer before you set up your equipment.  And remember to attach your permit to your Tent/Trailer. Do not sleep in your equipment tent/trailer.  If you sleep in your equipment tent/trailer, you must pay camping fee of $18/day instead of $13/day equipment tent/trailer fee.

Go to My TSP Account to create/submit your Request!