Prude Ranch

TSP Housing (motels, family cabins, bunkhouses), RV site, AND CAMPING reservations are being assigned by Drawing this year. The drawing will be held in  January 10, 2023 to February 15, 2023.  Learn about the Drawing!

Attendees staying off-site are part of the drawing. They need to submit their TSP Application To Attend/Random Drawing Form in order to receive confirmation of their Attending TSP 2022. After the Random Drawing, Attendees staying in Offsite Housing will receive their  confirmation that they are attending TSP 2022 and  instructions to submit their completed Registration forms and TSP Registration Fees.

Ranch meals are served at the Dining Hall. Tent, Dry campers and RV’ers can sign up for an optional meal plan of 13 meals, starting with Sunday dinner. The meal plan includes daily lunch (Except Sunday Lunch-No Lunch) and dinner. Cost is $325/person. Breakfast (extra-cost is not covered with meal plan) is available at nearby snack bar if it is open.

  • TENT and DRY (see notes on Dry Camping) – CAMPING: Bring your own sleeping bag, tent, car, or giant Dobsonian to sleep in. Water and showers are available. While some sites have electricity nearby, 3 central areas with electricity for your telescope are provided. Since the ground at the Ranch is very hard, it is recommended that you bring heavy-duty stakes ( landscape timber nails or Timber Bolts and a battery power driver) to secure your tent and a good hammer. Camp sites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis (not reserved in advance).
    Read about Dry-Camping Your Car, Truck, or RV at TSP.

    Water and electrical hookups are included. Specific sites are assigned. There are RV Sites near the North and South observing fields. (See the Ranch map link below). Specific RV sites will be assigned in advance.

    These cabins sleep 8 to 20 persons and include community bathrooms. But TSP is only using the lower bunk beds, not the top. (TSP only uses half of the Bunkhouse occupancy.) Bring your own linens and pillows. Ideal for astronomy clubs and large families.

    Sleeps 2 to 4 (Spanish Family Cabin Sleeps max of 6 people) people and includes a bathroom. Linen and maid service.

    These are beautiful rooms where you can go first-class with linen and maid service. Nice rooms for 2 to 4 people.

Maid service: Includes a fully-serviced room upon arrival, and partial service daily. Daily service includes pickup of used towels and trash, and fresh towels/supplies. In addition, full maid service will be provided at all even-numbered rooms and half of the Family cabins on Wednesday and the remaining rooms on Thursday (including any skipped on Wednesday).

Meal Plan: Prude Ranch also offers attendees who are Tent/Dry Camping, RV’ing and those who have accommodations offsite to purchase the optional meal plan. For the full week of TSP, that is 13 meals: Evening meal on opening Sunday and mid-day and evening meals Monday through Saturday night. For individual meals (unless you are on a meal-plan), you must sign-up at least a day in advance at the Ranch Front Office. All of the covered housing accommodations on the ranch include the meal plan. Due to the fact that most attendees are sleeping when a breakfast meal would have been served, there is no breakfast meal. The ranch does provide a coffee service and fruit in the dinning room for those who need a snack during the day.

Red Light Snack Shack:  Across the parking lot from the ranch office attendees can find a “Midnight Oasis” A red light will be your guide to this gathering of like minded friends – old and new. Here you can obtain hot drinks to warm the body and soothe your mind as well as candy bars and hot foods that the ranch staff are cooking up.  One never knows what will be found at the Red Light Snack Shack. I know from first hand experience, at 3am in the morning on a typical west Texas night a mile high, the walk to this mecca is worth the trip. Be sure to check it out.  Oh, and remember to leave a generous tip for the ranch staff serving you.

Tipping: Think of your time at TSP 2023 as being on a vacation aboard a cruise ship. It is customary to give tips to the service staff when you are on a cruise.  It is customary to tip the food server at the restaurants when eat out.  Please consider the same generosity for the staff at Prude Ranch. They are providing services that normally you would have to do if you were at home. A smile, a thank you for your service and a generous gratuity will brighten a person’s day and let them know that they are appreciated. Everyone likes to be appreciated. Thank you, TSP management.

Reservations for 5 or more days: will be given highest priority when the random drawing is run. The computer generated sequence numbers that are assigned when the program runs determine the order of the housing accommodation assignments. The processes in simple. Lowest sequence number first (assign housing starting with 1st choice, 2nd choice and then 3rd choice of housing) to the highest; repeating the process for the next in line. Sequence number trumps all other considerations. If after reviewing all 3 attendee chosen housing choices, TSP Housing cannot place an attendee into their choice of housing, they go to a wait list. And will stay on the wait list until an opening in one of their choices become available, or the attendee communicates to TSP Housing a different choice of housing. If that choice is available, that choice will be where they are assigned.

Reservations for 4 or less days: will run the same as above, but the sequence numbers assigned to this group is much higher and outside the range of numbers that is assigned to those attending 5 days or more. This means the initial ranch housing assignments are in preference to those attendees who are staying 5 days or more.  This is done to maximize the occupancy of the Ranch’s available housing. Those attendees who are staying 4 days and less will be assigned the remaining available housing.  The process is the same as described above. Lowest sequence number to highest; housing choice 1st to 3rd and the on to the next highest sequence number.

TSP’s method of assigning housing provides everyone with a fair chance at obtaining onsite housing and attending TSP star parties.  If you are staying offsite, your application is automatically approved. I have stayed offsite and of course onsite.  I prefer onsite.

Private rooms and Family cabins are not available for single-occupancy.

Prude Ranch accommodations PRICES.

Map of the Ranch

Area Motels

If you are staying off-site, please remember to also pay your TSP Registration Fee(s).

Fort Davis: (6 miles)

* Butterfield Inn (432) 426-3252
* Davis Mountains Inn B&B (432) 426-3939
* Davis Mountains State Park (800) 792-1112
* Fort Davis Inn and RV Park (432) 426-2112
* Harvard Hotel and Harvard Lodge At Sproul Ranch(432) 426-2500
* Hotel Lympia (800) 662-5517
* Indian Lodge (432) 426-3254
* Mountain Trails Lodge (800) 403-3484 (432) 426-3481
* Old Texas Inn (432) 426-3118
* Overland Trail Campground & RV Park (888) 478-5267
* MacMillen RV Park (877) 426-2056
* Roadrunner Inn  (432) 249-0107
* South Gate Lodges (432) 426-3939
* Stone Village Tourist Camp (432) 426-3941
* Veranda Country Inn (888) 383-2847
* Webster House (432) 249-1234

Marfa: (30 miles)

* Thunderbird Hotel (877) 729-1984
* Hotel Paisano (866) 729-3669
* Riata Inn (432) 729-3800

Alpine: (35 miles)

* Alpine Inn (432) 837-3417
* Best Western (800) 528-1234
* Bien Venido Welcome Motel (432) 837-3454
* Highland Inn (432) 837-5811
* Ramada Limited (800) 272-6232
* Sunday House Motor Inn (800) 510-3363

Other local accommodations
Vacation rentals